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10 Years Ago...

1) How old were you?
NOW: 19

2) Where did you go to school?
THEN: Walmley Junior School
NOW: Not at school anymore, I'm sort of dithering beween unis lol.

3) Where did you work?
THEN: Nowhere, doing nothing
NOW: Still nothing lol

4) Where did you live?
THEN: Sutton Coldfield
NOW: Same house, same place. ^^;

5) How was your hairstyle?
THEN: Long and black
NOW: Still long, black at the roots and a static brown/ginger at the bottom lol

6) Did you wear braces?

7) Did you wear contacts?
NOW: Yes

8) Did you wear glasses?
THEN: No, but I was squinting at everything so I did need them
NOW: Yes

9) Who was your best friend?
NOW: I don't really have best friends. But I'd consider Phil, Arwen and Becky very good friends.

10) Which of your pets was still alive?
THEN: I didn't have a pet, but I did use to have those crappy seamonkeys lol
NOW: My black and white kitty. ^^

11) Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend?
THEN: No-one
NOW: Still single! *cry*

12) Who was your celebrity crush?
THEN: Brian from the Backstreet Boys haha
NOW: Absolutely loads, so I'll just say a few: Raef Bjayou, Simon Smith, Tom Fletcher, Jens Lehmann and George Sampson.

13) Who was your regular-person crush?
THEN: Richard Gill who I used to play kiss chase with and Ben Bellew who I sat on the table opposite and James King who I sat next to and Rhys Watkins who I walked home with sometimes
NOW: No one! Surprising as I was a bit of a man whore lol.

14) How many piercings did you have?
THEN: None.
NOW: Ears, which are now sealed shut =/

15) How many tattoos did you have?
NOW: None

16) What was your favourite band/singer?
THEN: Backstreet Boys
NOW: McFly

17) Had you smoked cigarettes?
THEN: Nope.
NOW: Once. Hated it.

18) Had you got drunk?
THEN: Nope.
NOW: Yes. Stonking. The worst one was when I ended up in a bath in the back garden with chewing gum stuck to my armpit.

19) Had you DRIVEN?
THEN: At 9? Er No.
NOW: Still driveless!

20) If so which car?
THEN: ...
NOW: None.

21) Looking back are you where you thought you'd be in ten years time?
I didn't really think that far ahead actually.
I just HAD to quote these brilliant extracts from Michael's exit interview.

Who did you get on with best in the house?
Raef. But by the way there is no sexual tension between us. And I got on very well with Kevin. I got on with everyone - even Jenny Maguire. Jenny C and I were very good friends. Now that it's all finished I'm going to try to sleep with as many of them as possible.

HAHAHA I Bet you are!!! Question is, would Raef, Kevin and the two Jennies want to sleep with you?

And if you were to bump into Sir Alan, what would you do?
I'd French kiss him!

Well that just says it all really....


AHHH Simon's a damn idiot twat slagging off McFly on Britain's GOt Talent!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

LOL my parents were eating dinner and I actually screamed "DIEEEE!!!!" and they were like "What?" And I said, "Simon was just really bl--- *breathes* mean to McFly!!" And they were like "Ohh." Hahaha ^^;

Anyway I think the right acts went through tonight... again :D

Also I've been working on turning some of my favourite clips into large and icon sized animations... I won't reveal what they are just yet. But I'll be posting them tomorrow. ^^;

Holy crap, this is absolutely classic!

OK so I was reading a blog someone wrote on last week's Apprentice, and OMG is it hilarious!! Here are my favourite bits!

Talking of cuckolded tears, for some bizarre reason, Raef and Michael Sophocles have chosen square faced TV weather "siren" Sian Lloyd to play mum in their ad, claiming that she looks "mumsy" and "homely". They choose a school to film at – good god this could get nasty, especially with Michael's obsession with "relationships" (Michael "the start of any beautiful relationship always involves tissue" - I bet it did with yourself Sophocles!). Raef is totally suckered in and rushes off to find a cravat ("All directors want a cravat"), before engaging in some homoerotic roleplay involving Raef being Sian Lloyd and wiping yoghurt (I'm presuming it was yoghurt only because he was eating from a pot) from Michael's face. Raef's enjoying the way that "Michael and I feed off each other". He missed the word "bottom" out before "feed" methinks. Oh just shag and be done with it boys.

Sophocles gives Raef a near Judas kiss on the way out, and Raef's not in the least acrimonious in the taxi of failure. Shame he can't see Sophocles return home, worn out after all that back and front stabbing, and make himself out to be some sort of fiction ("I've lost a good friend" etc etc). God I can't wait for the grumpy interviewers to at least tear Michael's CV a new arsehole.


Yes I know I picked up on Michael/Raef slash. But it's too cute! I can't help myself. What seemed so wrong has become so so so right. Ironically I realised this just after that sexy dream of the two I had. Thank you subconscience!

In other news... Britain's Got Talent... wasn't George Sampson bloody amazing?! I think I was staring in awe a bit too much at him dancing in the rain and his soaking (see through) white shirt. I think I might be developing a little crush... on a fourteen year old. Is that wrong? But dear god, that guy is so cute. I wouldn't have gone for him last year, but NOW, with his spiky hair and headband combo? YES BABY!! <3333

Oh, and YAY, the Altador Cup is returning to Neopets this year! W00T!


OMG That was SOOOO Much better than I expected!!!!
AHHH!!! I've been laughing so FKN loudly tonight!

Highlights of the F Word:
1. Harry putting on Dougie's apron for him.
2. Harry eating all the customer's food.
3. Dougie's sweat dripping on the beef.
4. The unanimous chants of, 'Yes, chef!'
5. Harry setting the teatowel on fire.
6. Harry setting the pancake on fire.
7. Tom saying he cries at Disney films.
8. Tom looking bright red as he said he was rejected from Busted.
9. Harry wiping Dougie's forehead for him.
10. Danny being a pro at flipping the pancakes!
11. When Harry and Dougie stood together at the end, when Tom and Danny stood separately!

I am so going to iconise 1 and 9 as soon as I find a decent vid. ^_________^;;

And as for the Apprentice:

Highlights of the Apprentice:
2. Michael saying on You're Fired, "I love Raef... BUTNOTSEXUALLY!" Of course not. *nods* x3
3. Lucinda following Lee around like a lost puppy.
4. Michael chasing that poor guy down the street!
5. Alpha looking like Lee was the husband, Lucinda the wife and Alex the boyfriend! (this trio is classic!)


OMGGGGGGGAHHHHH McFly on Gordon Ramsay's F Word Tonight!!!!!!!!!! *squees*


And the Apprentice!!!!!!


AGH! MORE wrong slashy dreams!!!

My dreams have been so weird as of late. A few days ago I had a dream I was back at school, and there was a Pokemon themed day going on!! There were 4 people wandering around in Pokemon costumes, as Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander - and the Pikachu one was Tom Fletcher cos he took of the Pikachu head, did a little curtsey, said "Hello" and gave me a complimentary raffle ticket. Then there was a fancy dress contest and Ant and Dec were the judges! But then Ant went missing and poor Dec was distraught and ended up sobbing on my shoulder and I had to hug him and comfort him, which was kinda cute. :)

Anyway, last night I had another of those slightly wrong slashy dreams. Not as bad as the last one, but pretty bad nevertheless! Thank you Apprentice You're Fired, what with your constant clips of Raef and Michael being all sweet with each other, cheek kissing and hugging and Raef wiping yoghurt of Michael's nose with your lovey dovey music in the background - IT'S YOUR FAULT I TELL YOU that I had a dream of Raef and Michael sitting in bed topless kissing aghh! It was slightly hot though. But still a bit ew!

And my exam was fine too - it was only one question but it was very general so I got quite a lot of points to scribble down. ^^; Bad thing is though, I forgot to get my UCAS ref that Rodders said she'd do for me, and I was gonna go in Mon and pick it up, but have just found out it's half term, so I'll have to wait until after my exam on June 2nd to get it =( =(

The most disturbing dream EVER.

I had a dream two nights ago that Corrie's Ken Barlow was shagging David Platt. I kid you not.

The most disturbing thing about it is that I was slightly aroused by it.



I know I love slash and that, but that's crossing the line!

Artist in the making!

Well, not exactly. But I have decided to reopen my DA account under a new name!


Go here to see the rest: http://stargirlshine.deviantart.com/


Friends Only!

Well, it's partially FO. Basically, all the graphics I make (aside from art I draw), (most) long weird dreams I write about, personal moaning about life in general and slash fiction I write WILL BE LOCKED. Anything else will be PUBLIC.

Before you may add me, please note that I:

  • Love/am totally obsessed with The Apprentice, McFly & Pokemon (so it would be great if you like at least one of those, but it's not necessary)
  • Love slash, gays, lesbians, and being a "fag hag" (so no homophobes)
  • Hate discrimination of any kind, and I am half Asian (so no racists)

    So please only add me if you agree with these points. Just add me and I'll add you back, or post a comment and I'll add you!