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I have had SO many McFly dreams lately! Not that I'm complaining of course... but yeah. It was fantastic. And oddly, Danny has been the centre of most of them... and not Tom... eeh! What is my subconscience telling me! I love Danny, but my favourite has always been Tom!

The first dream was set in my home street, the ground of which had completely iced over, turning it into a massive outdoors ice-skating rink! Oddly there were no cars anywhere, it was completely clear... Anyway I was sitting in my house watching TV when I heard the doorbell ring and Danny was standing there with Tom and said, "Hi Zai, wanna go ice-skating?" And I said, "Yeah sure!"

Harry and Dougie are already outside, standing by the lamppost, playing about by randomly sticking their heads round the side of the post and then nuzzling each other's noses if they did it at the same time. Then we start skating for a good twenty minutes or so, Harry showing off by doing random twirls. Then he gets bored of that and starts doing froggy leaps, using Dougie as a prop. "I'm gonna dieee!" Dougie yelled every time Harry put his hands on his back and jumped over him. (But he didn't of course.)

Danny suddenly stops and leans against the lampost, rubbing his arms furiously, which were turning bumpy and blue. (Yes oddly, none of us decided to put our coats on, but went out wearing normal tops.) "Brrr! I'm freezing!". Then I smile and pull out what looks like a space gun out my pocket which has settings which has two settings: cold water and hot air. "Here you are, this will help you warm up," I say, then he stands there with his arms spread out and his head tilted back and I blast him with the hot air. He grins and runs over to me. "Thank you," he says, giving me a hug and I nuzzle into his curly locks (they were soft and smelled like mint mmm lol).

Then I prepare to warm Tom up, but Danny stops me. "Ooh ooh ooh! Let me try!" he grins. I hand it over to him and he blasts Tom then he runs over to hug him. Then Dougie wants a blast of warm air too, which Tom tries out and he gets a hug as a reward too.

Harry was different though. I distinctively remember him saying "Shoot cold water on me." And I was like, "You sure?" And he said, "Yeah. Yeah, just do it." I raise the gun contraption to him, and he suddenly says, "No, no wait!" I pause and lower the gun. The guys look at him oddly. "OK ok, just do it." Then I raise it again and he whimpers, "Noooo!" And Dougie says, "Give it here!" and I hand it over and he sprays Harry in the chest with a full on spray of ice cold water! Then he's standing there shivering with his a see through top clinging to his dripping wet skin and Dougie goes over to him and gives him a hug too.

(The now dripping wet) Harry and Dougie (who are rather sweetly holding hands), Tom, Danny and I decide to skate over to my friend's house. She answers the door and we all go in but Tom stops to stare at the door mat. "What's that?" He says peering closely at it. "Hey look, Danny I can see you mate!" Danny walks over intrigued, leaning over Tom's shoulder. "What where? Let me see!" Tom points. Danny stares at him. "Uhhh Tom? Those are ants!" Tom stares back. "No they're not! They're tiny little magnets of us figure skating!" Tom says, his eyes widening. Danny chuckles and pats his shoulder. "Yeah whatever mate!" and walks off.

We sit in my friend's room and start chatting about something when Danny suddenly runs out the room with his arms covering his face. "Danny!" I say, running after him, whilst the others meekly stay where they are.

I walk outside to look for Danny and he's sitting on the pavement with his head in his hands. I sit next to him and put my arm around him. "What's wrong Danny?" He says nothing and just leans in to me sighing shakily, like he's about to cry. I kiss him on the cheek. "What was that?" he says suddenly, jerking up away from me. I suddenly feel a sense of regret. "A kiss," I say, shrugging, trying to hide my guilt. He pauses. "That wasn't a kiss," Danny said. I look confused so he continues, "It's not a proper kiss unless I'm wrestling with the person first," he grinned. Then he wrestles me to the floor and is just about to kiss me... and I wake up. DARNIT!

- - - - -

Dream number two - This was set at a concert in a rather large hall. I was on my own (*cry*) but I met this girl (who looked vaguely familiar) who was also on her own but had a spare ticket for a meet and greet which she gave to me. So we went to meet the guys but instead of going in a room we went outside where it was pitch black but tables and lighting which were radiating heat which was quite cosy. Anyway we chatted to the guys then had pictures taken with them then Danny decided it would be fun to climb up a tree.

Me and the girl and Tom and Dougie followed suit whilst Harry stayed on the ground taking pictures with my cam. Then Danny decided to crawl over to a branch (which looked sturdy.) "Come over here guys!" he called. But suddenly a girl below saw Danny and started pointing and screaming, then in a matter of minutes, the tree was swamped with people shaking it, then poor Danny fell off. He yelled out in pain as he hit the ground, clutching his leg. Harry rushed over and the crowd took a step back speechless. Harry comforted Danny, telling the crowd to disperse, which they did promptly.

Tom, the girl and I quickly climbed down the tree to Danny's side. "Danny mate, you OK?" Tom asked, putting his arm around him. Danny turned and looked at me, a mean look in his eyes. "It's your fault," he said. "If you hadn't come here I wouldn't have fallen out of that tree and broken my leg," he hissed. "But Danny," I protest. "Don't you think that's a bit harsh?" Tom said. "No. Now get out of here. GO. Please." I turned and ran with tears streaming down my eyes.

I rushed down the long path and entered a forest. It was freezing cold, pitch black and I was terrified. I walked around lost in the dark for what seemed like hours. I finally found the path back to the concert hall and I suddenly spied Danny. He saw me too and I was about to run for it when he said, "Stop! Come here, please!" I turn around and tenatively begin walking over.

The girl who I had met earlier, who had given me the 'meet and greet' ticket was with him, holding his hand. She was his girlfriend. He was hanging on to her for support. "I'm sorry. I'm really sorry," he said, letting go of her and hugging me. His body slumped against mine like a dead weight, because he couldn't use his leg. "It's ok," I reassured him. "How's your leg?" He smiled and gave me a thumbs up, winking at me. "It's good, just a bit twisted. Nothing broken though." His girlfriend started helping him back up - but he put one arm around her shoulder and one round mine. "Come on. I've got a gig to play." So me and his girlfriend started walking back to the hall. "I'm probably just gonna sit behind Harry's drum kit. Hey, maybe we can switch places!" He started laughing. But I couldn't get to see this because I woke up. *sighs*

- - - - -

Dream number three - the most recent (last night recent). This was odd (as always.) Anyway I was at this place. I don't know where it was but there was this massive hall and this train ridge going round the place and there was a massive shopping centre on the other side. Anyway, I was told McFly would be doing an interview/conference type thing for half an hour in the main hall at 3pm. I checked my watch and it was 12pm so had plenty of time to kill so I walked over to the shopping centre. It was boiling hot and quite a trek to the centre and when the automatic doors opened it was like a walk-in freezer (utter bliss). Anyway I saw a few old friends in there I hadn't seen for ages and started chatting to them. I got caught up in the chat though, and decided to glance at my watch... which read 3.15pm!!!

I literally screamed and rushed out yelling. "GOTTOGOBYE!" I sprinted as fast as I could back to the hall, doing a flying leap over the train then rushing up the hill to the main hall. I burst into reception and asked, "WhereareMcFly?" The woman said, "Room 2 on the left..." "THANKSBYE!" I cried as I ran off, pushed the doors open and panted from my out of breathness.

The doors banged loudly behind me and everyone turned round to face me. The McFly guys were sitting and about 100 people were sitting there in front of them on the floor, cross-legged. Even the camera men turned around to catch me. "Oh hey! Nice of you to join us!" Danny laughed. I went bright red and sat down in the closest space to the table I could. "Now guys we have time for one last question" Harry said. "Anyone?" Lots of people, including me, stuck our hands up. "Ohhh who shall we choose guys?" he said. "Choose the late girl!" Danny said. "Oh I don't know..." Harry said. "Oh go on!" Tom said. "OK then. You!" Harry said and pointed at me. It was such an odd question, but I said, "What's the most you've ever been given from a magazine deal and what did you have to do for it?". They were just about to answer when I woke up!!!

I am really dying to ask them that question now!!!